About me

Hello — I’m Kristijan Šimić, a developer in love with Apple technologies, currently based in Berlin, Germany. I’m working with the lovely folks at 6Wunderkinder creating Wunderlist for Mac and iOS.

Besides being a beatifully designed task management app with over 6 million users and a joy to use, Wunderlist also got the ‘App of the Year 2013’ award on the Mac App Store, which I’m unbelievably thankful for.

App of the Year 2013.

Because I’m really bad at remembering certain things, this blog is all about having a backlog. What you will find here, is probably:

  • Thoughts about things that matter to me in life.
  • Things I’ve learnt and stumbled over in my day to day work with Objective-C.
  • Updates about small projects I’m working on.
  • Links to other sites containing stuff you shouldn’t miss.

When I’m not coding or trying to write meaningful sentences in English, I’m exploring Berlin with my beautiful wife Edita. I want to use this spot right here to thank her for putting up with my countless hours of zombie-like starring at the screen and all my other bad habbits — I love you!


You can find links to my Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr and GitHub profiles in the footer if you want to follow me. You can also contact me via email: kristijan dot simic at googlemail dot com

If you’re interested in my academic and employment history, take a look at my resume.